Present actions matter,

they are legacy for future generations  


We are informed about the ongoing risk of  climate change as result of our economic activity. Our children will face dramatic health, social and financial problems. (STERN REPORT, UNICEF)


In regard of the environmental risk and consequences, the EARTH IN MIND foundation, a swiss non-lucrative organization, is aiming to promote a respectful society for our children.


We need to change and to think about the sense and values of our economic activity.


A fundamental driving force is to share reflection and to encourage creativity.


The EARTH IN MIND foundation invites you to get together for the change we need to insure the future for our children.


The worst outlook is indifference.


Bente von Meissner


The PENGUIN is our mascotte

in reference to a fable


about change and

 resistance to change ending in a

heroic commun action


The Foundation’s charter you find

here & here